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Posh Spice - Fashion designer?

I am actually not so surprised that Victoria received rave reviews for her fashion show at the new york fashion week, as i think fashion is really her true calling - now i know the spice girls probably had stylists back in the day, but her outfits were always simple but glamorous (and paired with 10cm+ platforms!)

I think we are going to see alot more of her as this is now her 4th show - I can't wait to see what else she brings out.


Alexander McQueen.

Wow, i am completely shocked today that Alexander McQueen has gone. Did not see that coming because of how succesful he was although apparently that played into it.. so weird.

My 2010 forecast...

Well, i actually have to completely disagree with what the Australian fashion "experts" are saying that are going to be the trends this Aussie winter - the same "trends" they are predicting were in about 1 winter ago.. I'd like to see something different for winter and i will follow the American winter trend considering "leather look tights" and stud's were exactly the same trend we were wearing last year.. hmmmm???

I believe a hint of rock chick will be in - but i think it will be kept feminine and edgy..

It really does not help that our fashion trends are at least a year behind American trends!!

Forever in love with...

Forever 21's Maxi dress - i have been trying to find a really nice maxi dress for ages that IS NOT FLORAL!! So i am pretty much in love with this one, its $32.80 online (US dollars) and comes in a really pretty sky blue and a black.. i think i am going to add one to my cart!

Going GaGa

well, i am absolutely in love with Lady GaGa at the moment, im really starting to warm up to her however i found some clothes from Karmaloop that reminded me of her but im not to sure if its in a good way or bad way .. let me know what you think below :)


Well, i have not updated this in so long and so much has happened.
I will update later on tonight however all i have to say for now is that
USPS better lower there fees because i am GOING TO BUY A HELL OF A LOT OF forever 21 shoes,
the new shoes they have in are amazing,
i wish i was short!!

Pictures soon

and even more shoes (last post for this week i promise)


This may be taking 'bringing fashion to life' a little too far..

"Jean Charles De Castelbajac’s leopard court shoes come complete with tail and whiskers"
These shoes re-define everything “leopard print”, It's practically the entire animal, and it reminds me of those slippers i had as a kid, they were cats, with whiskers and eyes and a tail but HELLO they were for 6 year olds... My slippers back then only cost me $10 from KMART but these are selling for around $750US..

Interesting as to who would wear them???

Love Tony Bianco


Don Champagne Patent heels

How amazing are these shoes!
Seriously inlove with them, there brand new on the Tony Biano site and nude & pale colours are seriously going to be big this summer!
go to www.tonybianco.com.au to check them out.

for not updating this blog in ages! and yes updating with another shoe post (sorry!)

Tonight i plan to post about 4 more blog entries of outfits i have taken over the last two weeks, ALSO a review of GIRLS NIGHT OUT (sorry once again)!

But thats all for the moment,
ciao and hope all the brisbane people enjoy this DUST FREE weather (for once!)
(currently waiting for people to wash the work car)

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